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To Winery Owners,
        Thank you for your interest in being listed in Winery Directories.com, and having your Web-site linked.

        This Global Winery Directory is used extensively by thousands of wine lovers and wine professionals around the world.  It has become the "definitive" directory for those who wish to visit Winery Web-sites.
        It has also become valuable as a reference for people to find in exactly which sub-region or appellation a particular winery lies.  This is the only reference work, in Print or on the Internet, which enables this.
         It is structured as a hierarchical relational data-base engine.   But, unlike a link in other search engines,  once listed, your winery will never be "bumped".   Your listing will always come up on PAGE ONE in your region.   Winery Directories.com is linked to hundreds of search engines, including Google, Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos and Yahoo and, through these engines and from repeat visitors is receiving some two million page views annually.

        The original listing subscription was $500 per year.
Our revised subscription rates, introduced October 2004, are:

Wineries producing annually:
Less than 3,000 cases:$39
3,000 to 10,000 cases:$79
10,000 to 100,000 cases:$99
100,000 to a million cases:$139
Over a million cases:$169
     We shall link your site as soon as our editors have reviewed and approved your application.

 TO  The Editor of Winery Directories.com.       

Please link our website toWinery Directories.com.  We have completed the Application Form below and expect to receive your invoice to the address shown or by Email.


IMPORTANT NOTE The boxes next to the Blue field names MUST be filled in for your application to be valid. Please complete as much information in the other boxes as possible.

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Telephone Country Code: Telephone: Fax:
E-mail: Web-Site Address (URL):
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Vineyard Hectares: Annual production in cases:
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