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Winery Directories.com is the Internet's super-fast and only comprehensive searchable Global Winery Directory, with links to the web sites of thousands of Wineries, Chateaux, Vineyard Properties and Wine Brands around the world. Rapid access to information on so many of the world's wineries is invaluable to wine lovers and essential to all those in the wine trade who are required to present tastings and give wine lectures from time to time.

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Search Options and How to find your way around

This is a hierarchical directory and each wine region leads to the sub-region and finally winery thus:

Country > Wine region > Sub-region > Winery

Search by Region. If you are looking for the vineyard regions of France, for example, select France from the Countries list and the main regions will be shown, such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Rhone and Champagne. To see all the regions of Bordeaux, click on Bordeaux and the sub-regions will be shown such as St. Julien, Margaux, St. Estephe, Pauillac, St. Emilion, Pomerol and Graves. To see the Chateaux of St. Julien, click on St. Julien and the Chateaux within this sub-region are shown.

    You can enter any region in any country in the Search Box, and the sub-regions may be viewed.

Search by Winery. If you know the name of the winery, vineyard property or wine brand you are looking for, enter that name in the Search Box and you will be taken directly to the Web-site of the Winery. Enter the MAIN name of the winery only, without pre-fixes. EXAMPLES: Enter Leoville Barton and NOT Chateau Leoville Barton. Banfi and NOT Castello di Banfi. Mondavi and not Robert Mondavi.

Note to Wineries who would like to be listed. If your winery is not listed, or the listing is not linked to your web-site, please click for INFORMATION or email us.

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