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Offered to Brand Owners targeting up-scale Wine Drinkers, Hotel and Restaurant Buyers, Sommeliers, Wine Merchants and Supermarket Buyers.

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As the Sole and Exclusive Sponsoring Advertiser:

  1. You will be the ONLY sponsor - no other banners or displays of any kind - just your brand.
  2. Your brand's logo appears discretely but visibly in a different position on each results page, thereby catching the user's eye afresh each time.
  3. Multiple brands may be displayed and may be rotated in any sequence you select.
  4. A discrete "Slogan" may be alternated with the brand logo in any sequence or frequency desired.
  5. Logos are "live" and may be clicked on to go to your website or websites.
  6. Targeted and focused audience of wine lovers and wine drinkers - generally affluent consumers.
  7. Although, at present, the majority of visitors are from the U.S.A., users from dozens of other countries are identified as being regular visitors - valuable for brands that are truly global.
  8. Page views are currently running approaching two million per annum - and building. Your brand's logo appears on every results page, giving a powerful new impression nearly two million times.
  9. The opportunity to exclusively position your brands as an important information resource in a category of interest to your target audience.
  10. The opportunity to add to the value proposition experience of your brands on an exclusive and up-market directory portal regularly visited by your target consumers.
  11. The opportunity not only to re-enforce the association of your brands with wine drinkers and wine drinking, but also to convey the message to NEW consumers of your brands
  12. Visitors to WineryDirectories.com include a huge number of people "in the trade" who use the Portal as an important source of information. These include Hotel and Restaurant managers and purchasing agents, Sommeliers, wine merchants and thousands of others in the hospitality industry, giving your brands exposure to the important "on-premise" and "off-premise" personnel who have the power to select and sell your brands

Ask us for details of the modest monthly fees by ringing Robin Blackburne on 1 441 292 2670

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